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what is this?

The Welcoming Party is an experimental community-led initiative that helps connect the people who live in Cincinnati to each other and the place they call home.

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meet my new friends?

In spaghetti westerns, the welcoming party would ride out to meet newcomers on the edge of town. That’s a part of this.

But we’re also taking the going-away party — that celebration of a friend poised to begin new adventures, by all those people who have made home, feel like, well, home — and flipping it on its head.

We’ll be partying with people on their arrival, not departure.

Without algorithms or any sort of swiping technology, The Welcoming Party is an experiment in how to make newcomers feel at home in Cincinnati through the power of person-to-person interaction. Based on some simple surveying, network knowledge, and our ever-evolving theory of friendship, we will link new Cincinnatians with folks who have been here for a while.

Together they will co-create personalized and individual welcoming parties tailor-made for the new arrivals and attended by a selection of folks who are excited to receive them, see them around, and be a part of their lives.

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why are we doing this?

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
— Anais Nin

Research shows that for many people, a sense of security in their social life is a key indicator of overall health and happiness. Many transplants report feelings of isolation and loneliness when moving to a new city, that it is hard to make friends and connections. We want to make things a little easier for newcomers as they transition into a new city, and we want to help the city get to know the amazing new people who are calling it home.

We’ve heard over and over again in our conversations with people who have relocated, for any number of reasons - their job being transferred, to take care of a loved one, to get a fresh start - that the key to feeling at home in a place was to have a personal connection to people who seemed really invested in what they were doing, and where they were doing it.

Our mission is to help folks who are itching to work toward making Cincinnati a better place by introducing them to the folks that they’ll need in their lives to make that happen. To integrate all of the incredible new faces in this town with the familiar ones. To loudly declare that it is a good and valuable thing to be interested in and excited about the new human beings who share space with you. This is not professional networking. This is not speed dating.  This is a good faith effort toward a more kind, connected community centered in the place we call home.

The Welcoming Party seeks to connect people who have recently moved to town with their new neighbors. We want to encourage and celebrate a sense of excitement around the new energy, ideas, and experience that folks who relocate bring with them.  We want to reduce feelings of isolation and help everyone feel like this is a place that they can call home. We believe that if we can speed up a sense of ownership and belonging, if we can facilitate connections between new and old Cincinnatians, then the social fabric of our community will be stronger and more supportive for everyone.