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Scott Holzman, co-creator
Cincinnati, with a stop in Chicago.

I am a writer, facilitator, baseball fan, crossword enthusiast, Dungeon Master, and until recently I was the Director of Chase Public, a collaborative space for art + assembly. I’m interested in learning how to better appreciate the beauty of questions, and how to relax with purpose. I live in Camp Washington with my partner Anna and our two cats, Fred and The Righteous Hammer of God (pictured). You might find me at: Collective Espresso in Northside, Landlocked Social House in Walnut Hills, or Camp Washington Chili.

Jeremy Mosher, co-creator
Cincinnati, with a stop in New York City.

I am a “project designer” with a base of professional experience in writing and directing/producing multimedia content, but an interest in creating anything that has the human experience first in mind. I think nothing is better than eliciting laughter from other people, I like camping and tinkering, and I coach high school runners and adult marathon-/half-marathon-ers. I want to read more books (I already read LOTS of Internet) and to learn more about creating environments that help people thrive. You might find me at: Urban Artifact, Brink Brewing, or rotating between each of the coffee shops in town that make a mean cortado.


People’s Liberty, co-creator + funder
We invest in people with bold ideas to impact Greater #Cincinnati communities. #newphilanthropy


Code of Conduct

The Welcoming Party exists to facilitate the co-creation of positive, inclusive, harassment-free experiences: this means welcoming individuals without regard for gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexuality, physical appearance or ability, body size, race, ethnicity, religion or lack thereof.

Participation in The Welcoming Party assumes full compliance with these ideals.

If you are the target of harassment, or if you witness harassment, please contact us immediately; we will come help. TWP reserves the right to determine the appropriate response — including but not limited to expelling individuals from events, and prohibiting their future involvement.

Practice empathy. Don’t be hurtful or mean. Be considerate and respectful.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at thewelcomingpartycincy@gmail.com